Divine Mercy

How often do we speak of mercy? How often do we seek it? Perhaps we do not realize how much we need it? Mercy, divine mercy, is central to our faith and yet we all act as though we do not need it. Why? At least one reason is that our contemporary society’s obsession with technology promises instantaneous control. The underlying principle of our use of technology seems to be: I can do what I want when I want. When I am in control I have no need for anything else. I am getting by just fine. Now, this attitude has been around as long as humans have existed, but, it seems 21st century technology highlights the issue. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy technology on a daily basis. I can get on my iPhone anytime I want and have access to a perfectly designed world of images, text, and communication. Perhaps it is this “perfect world” on our smart phones’ screens that we need to pay attention to? Mercy has to do with being carried away into love despite our imperfections. Indeed, God’s mercy has to do with the full acceptance of each one of us as we are – with all our weaknesses, imperfections, and sins. When we inhabit mercy, we are not in control. When we dwell in mercy – through prayer, Mass and the sacraments, reading scripture, being present to another person, being present to God in the silence of faith – we come face-to-face with our failings and discover that God loves us precisely there! Being plugged into a perfect world may blind us to an great liberation that can happen anywhere and anytime without the need for WiFi access! This liberation is the acceptance of and surrender to divine mercy, a liberation that frees us to be ourselves, to be more at home in ourselves, and to be God’s mercy for others.


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