Purity of Heart

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.  Purity means singleness.  It may be better translated as “Blessed are those whose heart is undivided.”  This beatitude is about oneness and surrendering to realize oneness.

            The heart is the biblical symbol for the inner person: our innermost consciousness.  To be single in consciousness is to be attentive first, foremost, and ultimately to the Divine Presence.  We must ask ourselves to what or to whom do we give our most precious gift, our presence?  In other words, what occupies our attention?   We are to shift our attentiveness to the present moment because God is always right here, right now.  The call of purity of heart is to be one with God in the here and now.  If we are centered on God we will perceive God in all.  From our presence to God we are able to be present to others, and this is compassion.


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