Divine Oneness – Not an Achievement

We don’t need to do anything to achieve oneness with God.  We are already one with God.  But we don’t know it because of all our attachments, false beliefs, illusions, blindnesses, resistances, and thinking.  God is so close that any thought at all can be an obstacle.  All of it is covering oneness.  There’s a lot in the way; our attachments block our enjoyment of divine oneness.  Meister Eckhart offers this metaphor about our situation:  “The sun never stops shining; but if there is a cloud or mist between us and the sun, we are not aware that it is shining.”  Just so, we are always already one with God but often not aware of it because we are so preoccupied with our attachments, our addictions, our opinions and judgments and illusions.  The new life which the Risen Jesus offers us is life that joyously lives oneness with God.  But, we have to go through a process of throwing out everything that is getting in the way of this tremendous gift.


2 thoughts on “Divine Oneness – Not an Achievement

  1. Dan Pedersen says:

    “God is so close that any thought at all can be an obstacle,” I know what you mean. Good thoughts, I love the analogies, very fitting.

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