Education or Transformation

I believe education is wonderful. We live in an age where educated people have given us many unbelievable things: iPads and smartphones and medical procedures unheard of that save countless lives. The speed with which we can travel and the amenities we enjoy are due to education and information and technological advancement.
Yet…I wonder if we have substituted education for transformation. One is not necessarily the other. Education works with and sharpens the mind. Transformation, in fact, involves going beyond the mind. When Jesus says “Repent” he means, “Go beyond your mind.” For the word “repent” in the original Greek (the language in which the gospels were written) is METANOIA – “meta” means “go beyond” and “noia” (from “nous”) means mind. How do we do that? Jesus teaches us to let go, pray in secret, forgive, seek God alone, sinking into mystery. Transformation can certainly include education, but education alone seems to cut off the possibility of transformation, of going beyond the mind into mystery. What do you think?


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