The Adult Spiritual Journey

The adult spiritual journey is a mysterious and radical transformation of human identity: a process of dying to the separate self sense and rising into divine unity. It culminates in the realization that ultimate human identity is found in God. We somehow become God while remaining human, or, better yet, we simultaneously become fully God and fully human. So, Christian transformation’s goal is the incarnation of God in all. Becoming as one with God as Jesus Christ is one with God is the goal of our present transformation. This process, according to Thomas Keating, is one in which we “consent to God’s intentionality, which is to transform us into Godself.” He asks, “Do you want to be God on your terms or do you want to be God on God’s terms?” We become God through grace, above all else, but also through the sacraments and a contemplative discipline of prayer or meditation. These are meant to facilitate the journey into higher levels of consciousness.


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