Realizing the Divine Presence

God is within us all the time, but we don’t know it because we identify ourselves with our thinking.  We think we are our thinking and our feelings.  If we look at our thinking we find that most of it is not only repetitive and useless, but because of its dysfunctional and often negative nature, much of it is also harmful.  This kind of compulsive thinking is actually an addiction.  You derive your sense of self from the content and activity of your mind.  As you grow up, you form a mental image of who you are, based on your personal and cultural conditioning.  We may call this homemade self the ego.  It consists of mind activity and can only be kept going through constant thinking.  Because we are so into our thoughts and feelings, we miss the ever-present reality of the divine, which is our happiness.  All we need is to be present to the Presence, aware of God, and our attachment to our thinking diminishes – then, we become more and more free of fear and joyful in the moment.


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