The cages we build for God

Just wanted to share this wonderful piece from Frank X. Tuoti:

There is an ancient tradition that has preserved a saying attributed to Jesus, perhaps one of many lost to us in the Gospel writings: “He who is near me is near fire”…We stay mostly at “arm’s length” from the fire by praying with words, words, words.  We must willingly enter into it with both feet, freed from the shackles of words and images.  Every word we utter is, by its very definition, limited…There is no greater false security than to believe we can “grasp God” by thoughts or concepts.  Meanwhile our infinitely humble God “paces the cages” we have so methodically fashioned for him, desiring only to be released into our hearts where his fire can heal us at our deepest depths.  The God we conceive and project is the God we get—a God scaled down to our own littleness.  This is a God we make helpless to re-create us!  The cages we build for God become our own prisons.                    – Frank X. Tuoti, Why Not Be A Mystic?


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