We see reality as we are not as it is

I like this one-line bit of wisdom.  It reflects a core belief of mine: there is something askew about our perception.  There is something wrong with how we view reality.  In other words, our minds are not equipped to process reality as it is.  We filter everything through our ego, our self.  And this self is a separate self, a self cut off from God, others, and all creation.  It is the seat of our consciousness and the focus of our lives.  Indeed, I think few can argue this as we can observe how narcissistic society is.  See The Narcissism Epidemic by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell in this regard.  Fr. Albert Haase, in his book This Sacred Moment, describes such narcissism as “slavery to the ego and its consuming preoccupation with self-concern self-image, self-gratification and self-preservation.”  That sums up what’s wrong with me!  And, when I turn on the TV or surf the net, I tend to see this narcissism in action: shameless and fierce self-promotion and self-hype coming from an overwhelming concern for and interest in my little self.  With such a contraction of spiritual vision around the ego, it is no wonder we often cannot experience the wonder and beauty of Reality As It Is.


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